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Custom Intuitive Experience; Reawaken the body, mind and soul during this completely customized two hour healing experience. Any combination of massage therapy, skin care, energy healing, and more, will be used to treat your individual needs. Your service provider will use a thorough consultation, and their intuition to guide them to what your body and spirit are calling for. Find a deeper level of relaxation by letting go of expectations, and focusing on what you need in the moment.  Intuition is defined as “the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.” Intuition is most commonly known as your ‘gut feeling’. When you lean into that feeling, you can begin the healing process, and understand yourself on a deeper level.

 2 hours $222


Golden Hour Basic Facial; Reveal radiant skin during one hour of bliss. This basic facial includes cleansing, exfoliating, facial massage and a custom mask to treat the skin. You will leave this treatment feeling refreshed, hydrated and glowing from inside out. This is a great choice for teens and first time facial clients.

60min $100

Solustrance Custom Facial; A fully customized facial from start to finish. A signature facial will include a double cleanse, deep exfoliation, an extended facial massage, and a jelly mask. After this treatment your skin will feel deeply nourished, plump, and healthy. A custom crystal layout will also be used to help aid energetic balance.

 75min $135

Gua Sha Rejuvenating Facial; This anti-aging treatment not only rejuvenates tired skin, it is also deeply relaxing for a full body and mind restorative treatment. From start to finish your scalp, face, neck, chest, and arms are massaged using a variety of tools and nourishing oils. Best for dry, dull, lackluster skin, but can be customized for any skin type. 

60min $130 90min $158

Cana Calm CBD Facial; This powerful combination of Azulene and CBD will heal the skin from the inside out. This facial reduces inflammation while promoting skin renewal, smoothing and hydrating the skin as well as healing and repairing even the most sensitive skin. Finished with a CBD hydro jelly mask to soothe the skin and lock in moisture. 

75min $140


Serenity Scalp Treatment; The serenity scalp treatment uses a combination of nourishing oils, and soothing warm stones to condition the scalp, relieve tension, and decompress from everyday stress. This treatment includes the head, face, and neck massage. 

30min $60

Express Facial; This 30 minute treatment is perfect to add on to any massage service to make it a full body experience. Includes an oil cleanse, gentle exfoliation and hydrating mask to refresh the skin.

30min $70

Waxing Services

  • Brow $16
  • Lip $12
  • Chin $12
  • Lip and Chin $15
  • Brow Lip Chin $25
  • Under Arm $16
  • Bikini $30
  • Partial Brazilian $50
  • Brazilian $65


Therapeutic massage; Let go and find whole body relaxation with therapeutic massage that focuses on your body’s physical and spiritual needs that day. Whether you are looking for deep relaxation, an uplifting energy boost, or movement in the joints and lymph, a therapeutic massage is a great choice. Aromatherapy, hot stones, or cupping is added to your service to help your stressors melt away.

 60min $80 75min $95 90min $115

CBD Massage; Find ultimate relief and calm the mind with high quality organic CBD oils and aromatherapy . Completely unwind while warm stones and therapeutic massage increases muscle flexibility, and reduce stress and anxiety. This is the perfect service for you if you suffer from chronic pain, insomnia, or low energy. 

60min $105 75min $120 90min $150

Pregnancy Massage; Connect to yourself and your baby with a holistic massage designed for expecting mothers. Allow therapeutic massage, lavender essential oils, and a  peppermint  foot treatment to help you feel tranquil during this magical time. Quartz crystals are used to help clear any negative energy surrounding you and your baby to create sacred bonding time.

60min $95 75min $110 90min $125

Hot Stone Massage; Hot stones are known to reduce anxiety, ease muscle tension, and promote an overall feeling of comfort. Each section of the body will be massaged with hot stones, and then massaged with a light or firm pressure depending on your needs. A hot stone massage is a great way to feel more grounded and bring up the core temperature to help release toxins.

75min $110 90min $125

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What my clients have to say

One of the best facials I’ve ever had!! So relaxing and peaceful.

~ Sandra

Emma is my new favorite massage therapist. Her 90 minute massage was one of the most relaxing I have ever had. I left feeling like I could drift off into a lovely nap (which is saying a lot considering it was 11am and I’d already had my coffee that morning!) Highly recommend for a peaceful, rejuvenating experience.

~ Andrea