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Skin Treatments

Golden Hour Basic Facial | 60 Min $100

A 60 minute basic Holistic facial. Includes cleanse, exfoliation, extractions, a healing custom mixed masque, and massage of the face, scalp, hands, arms, and shoulders.

Solustrance Custom Facial | 75 Min $135

A 75 minute Holistic facial that is customized to your particular needs that day. Includes cleanse, exfoliation, extractions (if needed), custom mixed masque, and massage of the face, scalp, hands, arms, and shoulders. May also include high frequency, facial cupping, gua sha, sound healing, hot stones, or crystal healing.

Skin Healing Ritual | 75 Min $145

A 75 minute Holistic facial focused on healing the skin from any form of inflammation. Includes cleanse, facial cupping, exfoliation, extraction, high frequency, LED light therapy, customized healing masque, and massage of the face, scalp, hands, arms, and shoulders.

The Gua Sha Ritual  | 90 Min $155

A 90 minute massage based Holistic facial. Includes cleanse, facial cupping, extractions (if needed), LED light therapy, 30 minute gua sha facial massage, custom mixed masque, and thorough massage of the scalp, hands, arms, neck, and shoulders.

Massage Therapy

Relaxation Massage | 60 Min. $80 | 75 Min. $95 | 90 Min. $115

A gentle massage to improve blood flow, aid muscle soreness, and relax the nervous system. Includes warm towels and aromatherapy.

Holistic Therapeutic Massage | 60 Min. $90 | 75 Min. $105 | 90 Min. $120

A gentle, yet more targeted massage, for people who have a particular area of concern. This massage includes additional modalities such as warm towels, warm stones, and/or cupping to assist physical healing. (Please note I am not a deep tissue massage therapist. I utilize holistic techniques versus depth to achieve results.)

Hot Stone Massage | 75 Min. $120 | 90 Min. $135

A full body relaxation massage using warm stones throughout the entire massage. Hot stone massage is a great choice if you are physically active, chronically stressed, or have a hard time relaxing your muscles. 

Soothing Hemp Massage | 60 Min. $105 | 75 Min. $125 | 90 Min $145

A full body massage using high quality Hemp oil, extra strength Hemp balm, and warm stones. Hemp massage can aid muscle inflammation, fatigue, and soreness, and encourage more productive sleep.

Pregnancy Massage |  60 Min. $90 | 75 Min. $105 | 90 Min. $120

A full body or targeted massage for women who are expecting. A bolster will be provided for you to lay facing down, and reclined comfortably. You can receive pregnancy massage starting at 12 weeks, and you can continue massage for as long as you are pregnant with no complications.

Spa Experiences

Peaceful Sleep Hemp Massage | 90 Min. $155

A full body hot stone massage using Lavender Hemp oil, extra strength Hemp balm, and LED light therapy for pain relief if needed.

Aura Skin and Sound Ritual  | 90 Min $165

A 90 minute Holistic facial designed to relax the nervous system and increase your overall feeling of wellness. Includes a warm oil scalp treatment, extended oil cleanse with facial cupping, nutrient rich masque, gua sha facial massage, a healing masque, massage of the hands, arms, neck, and shoulders, sound healing, one oracle card pull, and stretching of the feet and ankles.

Holistic Harmony | 2hrs $175

A two hour massage and facial combo that will get your skin and body feeling balanced. Split the treatment time 50/50 or choose to extend the massage or facial to customize this treatment for your needs that day.

Relaxation Retreat | 2hrs $222

A two hour completely customized experience that includes anything and everything your mind, body, skin, and soul needs. With extra time built in to discuss how you’re feeling in your body and emotions, we decide together what treatments you need most with absolutely no rush. An additional tip will not be accepted for this service.

Wellness Minis / Enhancements

Skin Glow Mini | 30 Min $70 | add on $50

A 30 minute focused facial to promote radiant skin.

Quick Fix Massage | 3o Min $60 | Add on $50

A 30 minute massage to focus on one area of the body.

Nourishing Scalp Treatment | 30 Min $60 | 15 Min Add-on $25

Massage of the scalp using herbal infused scalp oil, with various combs, scalp massagers and warm stones to nourish the scalp and relax the mind. When booked alone, you also receive a hand and arm massage.

Facial Waxing & Tinting

Brow Shaping $20

Waxing of overgrown brows that need more shaping.

 Brow Maintenance $15

Waxing or tweezing of brows that are maintained on a regular basis.

Brow Tint $25

Temporary tinting of the hair of the brows.

Brow Shaping and Tint $40

Waxing and tinting of the brows.

Brow and Lip $24

Waxing or tweezing of the brows and upper lip.

Brow, Lip, and Chin $30

Waxing of the brows, upper lip, and the chin.

Lip or Chin $10

Waxing of the upper lip or chin

Body Waxing

Underarms $25

Waxing of the underarm/ armpit area.

Bikini $35

Waxing of the area outside the underwear line.

Bikini Plus $50

Waxing of the area just inside the underwear line.

Partial Brazilian $60

Waxing of everything with the exception of a strip or patch and the bum. 

Full Brazilian $70

Waxing of everything front to back.

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What my clients have to say

One of the best facials I’ve ever had!! So relaxing and peaceful.

~ Sandra

Emma is my new favorite massage therapist. Her 90 minute massage was one of the most relaxing I have ever had. I left feeling like I could drift off into a lovely nap (which is saying a lot considering it was 11am and I’d already had my coffee that morning!) Highly recommend for a peaceful, rejuvenating experience.

~ Andrea